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澳博官方网站app believes that responsible corporate citizenship demands a strong commitment to a healthy and informed democracy through civic and community involvement.

我们的业务受国际上广泛的法律法规的约束, 联邦, 州和地方两级, 这些法律的改变会对我们的运作方式产生重大影响, 我们的收入和成本. 因为公共政策可能对我们的业务产生潜在影响, 员工, 社区和客户, we engage with policymakers in order to advance and protect the long-term interests of the Firm.

监督 & 合规

的 公共责任委员会 of the Board of Directors (PRC) provides oversight of the Firm’s positions and practices on public responsibility matters. 中华人民共和国每年至少一次, 哪家公司完全由独立的外部董事组成, 审查事务所有关政治献金的重要政策和做法, 主要的游说重点和主要的行业协会会员, 包括它们与公司公共政策目标的持续相关性.

的 Firm’s political engagement and public policy activities are managed by global Government Relations and Public Policy (GRPP). GRPP向企业责任主管汇报, who is responsible for GRPP’s legal compliance and reports regularly to the PRC about the Firm’s political activity, 支出和业务. This organization and leadership helps us focus the Firm’s political engagement efforts on those public policy issues most relevant to the long-term interests of the enterprise overall and to our clients and shareholders.


的 Firm has strict internal policies and compliance processes to ensure adherence to relevant legal and regulatory requirements. 我们完全承诺遵守有关政治献金的所有适用法律, 例如MSRB规则G-37, SEC规则206(4)-5, 商品期货交易委员会规则23.451, SEC规则15Fh-6, 美国金融业监管局规则2030, 以及所有的国家, 适用于我们业务的州和地方限制和要求.


我们的政策禁止使用公司资金向候选人捐款, 政党委员会和政治行动委员会, including SuperPACs and political committees organized under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) to promote the election or defeat of candidates for office. 的 Firm does not use corporate funds to make independent political expenditures or electioneering communications. 的 Firm restricts trade associations and 501(c)(4) organizations to which we belong from using our membership dues for any such election-related activity.

的 Firm may contribute corporate funds for the purpose of supporting or opposing state or local ballot initiatives that may materially affect the Firm or our business operations. When the Firm contributes funds in connection with a ballot initiative we will disclose the amount and recipient of such payment, 其中可能包括501(c)(4)组织, 澳博官方网站app的政治参与报告.


纵观公司历史,澳博官方网站app一直积极参与政治进程. We believe this engagement is essential to advance and protect the long-term interests of the Firm and our shareholders. 澳博官方网站app & Co. Political Action Committees (PACs) are funded entirely by voluntary contributions from eligible 员工. 他们支持候选人, parties and committees whose views on specific issues are consistent with the Firm’s priorities, and fund dues payments and ballot contributions to entities organized under Section 527 of the IRC. Contributions are directed by GRPP on a bi-partisan basis and are not made to candidates running for U.S. 总统. 决定支持谁, GRPP优先考虑代表我们所服务社区的候选人, who serve on relevant committees or in leadership positions and who have shown support for issues of importance to the Firm. Issues of importance to the Firm include: banking issues; financial services policy; financial markets; the economy; small business; housing; trade; tax; inclusive and sustainable economic growth (e.g., 财务状况, 经济适用房, 劳动力, 第二次机会, responsible energy transition); diversity, 股本, 包容(e).g., racial and gender equality, ”+ rights, disability rights); and military and veteran issues.

没有单一的标准或政策决定候选人是否有资格获得政治行动委员会的捐款. 立法者处理各种各样的复杂问题, 我们认识到,我们不会与候选人的所有立场保持一致. 政治行动委员会的支出决定旨在反映与候选人共同感兴趣的领域. 该公司着眼于影响经济长期健康的一系列广泛问题, 国家和公司每年审查和更新捐款标准, 与内部利益相关者的投入. GRPP participates in a rigorous election-cycle budget process while actively monitoring for opportunities to align our giving with the firm’s organizational priorities and the firm’s values.

GRPP的负责人负责pac的管理和监督, 由中华人民共和国监督. PAC contributions are reported to and made publicly available by the Federal Election Commission and relevant State or local election authorities in accordance with applicable law. 本公司在我们的政治参与报告中公布了政治行动委员会的捐款摘要. In the event that the Firm identifies a substantial misalignment between issues of importance to the firm and recipients of political contributions, 公司将在年度政治参与报告中披露这些信息.


关于政治行动委员会捐款和公司付款的决定, 包括会员资格和投票动议, 是专门为促进公司利益而制定的吗, 不考虑高层管理人员的个人政治观点或利益. GRPP works closely with our 法律 Department to ensure that all PAC contributions and corporate payments are made in accordance with applicable law, 公司政策和本声明.


GRPP represents the Firm’s policy interests before government bodies globally to provide information and perspective on legislative matters of significance to the Firm and our lines of business. 在州和地方层面, GRPP lobbies primarily in states in which the Firm has a retail presence or other material business operations. 有关我们的零售地点的信息链接在我们的政治参与报告.

本公司遵守所有国家规定, 关于游说注册和GRPP报告的州和地方法律. 该公司每季度向美国政府提交游说文件.S. Congress disclosing our lobbyists’ 联邦 lobbying expenditures and the issues on which they have lobbied. 在适用法律要求的地方披露GRPP的州和地方游说费用. 如果律所参与基层游说, 我们将在法律要求的地方披露此类活动. A summary of our 联邦 lobbying expenditures and instructions for searching our filings and issues lobbied is available 澳博官方网站app的政治参与报告.

的 Firm belongs to a number of trade associations that advocate on major public policy issues of importance to the Firm and the communities we serve. 的 Firm’s participation as a member of these associations comes with the understanding that we may not always agree with all the positions of an association or its other members, and that we are committed to voicing our concerns as appropriate through GRPP and the Firm leaders who interact with these associations. 本公司主要行业协会名单, 还有我们会费中用于游说的那部分, 在我们的政治参与报告中披露了哪些信息.